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Compliance Management: It’s What We Do.

Let us analyze, design, procure, implement,
customize, and manage these solutions for you.


3Sys Corp. was founded to assist Industry in managing regulatory compliance programs through design, implementation, configuration, validation, and testing. Our expertise is understanding operational interdependence, critical infrastructure protection (which includes NERC CIP), network design, cyber and physical security.

There are 16 defined Critical Infrastructure Sectors whose assets, systems, and networks, whether physical or virtual, are considered so vital to the United States that incapacitation or destruction would have a debilitating effect on the nation.

3Sys understands that common elements traverse different industries and their participating companies. We exist to ensure that your cross-sector operational dependencies are understood and risk mitigation strategies are in place.



The 3Sys market differentiator is that we actually do the work versus just consulting on work to be done.

3Sys subject matter experts analyze and design and then implement and validate. We complete the process and then provide hand-off or we support your staff throughout the process. We manage 3rd party vendors supporting the project scope. We can procure network hardware and software, and manage the implementation and configuration. We are hands-on.

Our subject matter experts manage cyber and physical security implementation and ensure configuration is to Requirements or spec. We develop the punch-list and ensure completion prior to sign-off. We are hands-on.

We perform inter-dependency research so that you can better understand the inter-dependencies between your critical operations and the suppliers supporting you. We are hands-on.

This you can depend on.



It is our responsibility to understand current events as it develops.  It is our responsibility to participate in Industry groups that lead and respond to changes in regulatory requirements, evolving security environments, and supply chain inter-dependencies. Understanding current events is critical to ensuring that current and future regulatory compliance is planned for and met. It is our responsibility to ensure that you have appropriate management information for strategic planning, budgeting, and deployment decision making.

3Sys provides advisory services to senior management for strategic planning and to the teams working the problem on a daily basis. These services include monthly or quarterly updates for the specific areas that are critical to your organization.